Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jesus H. Christ - Residue (1996)

A snatch of a radio jingle, the opening chords to last summers top 40 hit, a couple of bass notes from an album released 20 years ago - JHC mixes them all together to create new works of art.

Noise experimentation, found-sound appropriation, auditory twitches combined with a mix of warped sound teasers and samples, thought provoking and inspirational messages, remixes, reworkings, sound mutations and massive information consumption.

Jesus H. Christ creates music & art from pre-existing sound and media.

1996 - RESIDUE (Cassette)
Side One
- Too Fast For The Devil
- Whatever You Wanna Make Out Of It
- H. Figurine
- Moe
Side Two
- AlternaPlunderPartyMix (46 mins)
* Recorded entirely with a (slightly altered) ghetto-blaster & cd player.

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* Illegal Arts "Metallica vs Napster" Contest entry.

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