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Residents - Commercial Album (2004 Re-Release)

The Residents originally envisioned The Commercial Album, as a reinvention of the Top Forty format. With this concept the group attempted to revolutionise the way popular music was heard. The concept behind the material is explained in these 5 points:
Point one: Pop music is mostly a repetition of two types of musical and lyrical phrases, the verse and the chorus.

Point two: These elements usually repeat three times in a three minute pop song

Point three: Eliminate the excess and a pop song is only one minute long.

Point four: One minute is also the length of most commercials, and therefore their corresponding jingles.

Point five: Jingles are the folk music of America.


mp3 - 128 kbps
rar - 37mb

Murder Ballads Bonus Track...

* Thanks to a very kind visitor, we now have the missing bonus track: Thanks Eric!!!
The Bloody Gardener was featured on an Italian compliation that was in an issue of a magazine called Music for the Empty Quarter.
mp3 - 320kbps

Can - Future Days (1973)

Can's most atmospheric and beautiful record, a spartan collection of lengthy, jazz-like compositions recorded with minimal vocal contributions. Employing keyboard washes to create a breezy, almost oceanic feel (indeed, two of the tracks are titled "Spray" and "Bel Air"), the mix buries Suzuki's voice to elevate drummer Jaki Liebezeit's complex rhythms to the foreground; despite the deceptive tranquility of its surface, Future Days is an intense work, bubbling with radical ideas and concepts.

mp3 - 210kbps
rar - 63mb

Residents - Baby Sex (1971)

While The Residents are known to be incredibly embarrassed by their early works (and strive to keep them unreleased in their original form) they may be reasonably proud of Baby Sex, as several tracks from this have appeared on compilations. It was also broadcast in its entirety on a radio station in Oregon during a Residents Radio Festival in 1977.

The second half of the album is a studio collage which includes portions of The Residents' impromptu live performance at San Francisco's Boarding House in October 1971. Assisted by Snakefinger and N. Senada they staged a "terrorist attack" on the club, performing for thirty minutes. The album also features a cover of Frank Zappa's "King Kong".

mp3 - 192kbps
rar - 57mb

Buckethead - The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock (2006)

* This one was prolly most ppl's fave Buckethead cd until Pepper's Ghost came out. :)

2006 Tour CD. 1) Thai Fighter Swarm 2) Final Wars 3) Baseball Furies 4) Elephant Man's Alarm Clock 5) Lurker at the Threshold Part 1 (Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft) 6) Lurker at the Threshold Part 2 7) Lurker at the Threshold Part 3 8) Lurker at the Threshold Part 4 9) Oakridge Cake (Tribute to Kool Keith) 10) Gigan 11) Droid Assembly 12) Bird With a Hole in the Stomach 13) Fizzy Lipton Drinks Music by Buckethead and Del Rey Brewer. Recorded and mixed by Dan Monti. Produced by Dan Monti and Albert. Slunk Wrangling by Jones. Artwork by Bryan Theiss.

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rar - 43mb

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Negativland - Fair Use: Dead Dog Records (1995)

* This cd came w/ The Negativland book, Fair Use. I don't think you can buy it separately. Prolly my fave Neg recording also. You MUST have this one!!! :)

"Dead Dog Records" (Parts 1-9) was recorded and mixed by Negativland in the Summer and Fall of 1994. Track 10 of this CD was first released in 1992 as part of the original magazine/CD package "The Letter U and The Numeral 2". It was the only track on that CD.

wma - 128kbps
rar - 65mb

* again older files...guess what, wma. Sorry, but worth hearing if you never have. :)

Don Joyce - Morte Aux Vaches (1989)

* updated link to 192kbps mp3 file...Thanks Rich!!! :)

* Fans of Negativland/ John Oswald...don't miss this one!!!

Don Joyce is one of the founding members of Negativland. This recording was commisioned by VPRO's 'De Avonden'. Way too long in the works, but here it finally is!
Don Joyce has been a member of Negativland since 1982 after working in painting since 1967. To date he is the producer of the Negativland weekly three hour show 'Over The Edge' (of which several were released as a compact disc). Joyce's prime interest is in the need to revise copyright law so that artists can re-use, recombine, and otherwise incorporate existing cultural artifacts into their work free of charge and free of charges.

"We'll Be Right Back' was inspired by watching months and months of TV reports on the troubles in Bosnia, including mass executions, mass rapes, concentration camps and the same old fascist deceits and ethnic genocide familiar in World War 2. These reports were constantly interrupted by commercials and so was World War 2.
Recorded in 1994, and uses only source material for this recording originated during World War 2. Only effects have been added.

mp3 - 192kbps
rar - 45mb

John Oswald - Plexure (1993)

* this one is should have it in your collection! :)

Published by Disk Union Japan (on CD only), it should be in stores but is often hard to find or expensive. Plundered are over a thousand pop stars from the past 10 years. Rather than crediting each individual artist or group as he did in the original plunderphonic release, Oswald chose instead to reference morphed artists of his own creation (Bonnie Ratt, etc) It starts with rapmillisylables and progresses through the material according to tempo (which has an interesting relationship with genre).
Oswald used several mechanisms to generate the plunderphonemes that make up this encyclopaedic popologue. This is the most formidable of the plunderphonics projects to date.

mp3 - 128kbps
rar - 18mb

NIN - The Broken Movie

In 1992, Nine Inch Nails released the Broken EP. It was followed in 1993 by a short film, roughly 20 minutes in length, known as the Broken Movie. Filmed and directed by Peter Christopherson, the movie wove Broken's four music videos together via a violent "snuff film," and included its own video for the song "Gave Up" as its conclusion. Due to its extreme graphic content, the Broken Movie was never officially released (and likely never will be), but was leaked as a bootleg which became heavily traded on VHS in the 1990's, and in recent years via the Internet.


mpeg - 299mb

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mick Harris & Eraldo Bernocchi - Total Station (1998)

Total Station may be the most accessible Mick Harris album ever, although anyone even remotely familiar with the Scorn mastermind's prolific output would have a hearty chuckle at such a relative statement. Here, the former Napalm Death drummer and Eraldo Bernocchi craft funkier-than-usual soundscapes bearing a distinct hip-hop influence, with Harris mixing live and programmed beats with creepy synth lines RZA would be proud of, as the guitarist does his best Buckethead impression over the top. It's nowhere near mainstream enough to garner airplay, but if you're a paranoid homesick alien, Total Station may have the cure for what ails ya.

mp3 - 320kbps
rar - 92mb

Monster Magnet - Forget About Life, I'm High On Dope (1989)

1st Demo Tape.

mp3 - 192kbps

rar - 63mb

* photo from Freak Shop USA #1,
available here.

The 5, 6, 7, 8's (x2)

The's were an all-girl group from Japan that released albums in the '90s. They were a surf/garage explosion, making primitive rock with a campy flair much like the Cramps. The band often dressed in costumes, and made fun of their Asian heritage in songs like "Oriental Rock" and "Ah-So." They disbanded at the end of the decade, leaving behind several hilarious albums.

Can't Help It (1993)

mp3 - 128kbps

rar - 37mb

The 5, 6, 7, 8's (1997)

mp3 - 225kbps

rar - 50mb

Attention Deficit (1998)

* I think a few ppl will really appreciate this...Give it a listen and lemme know what you think. :)

Alex Skolnick: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Producer, Mixing
Michael Manring: Bass, Guitar, Multi Instruments, Producer, Loops, E-Bow, Mixing, 6-String Bass
Tim "Herb" Alexander: Percussion, Drums, Producer, Drums (Snare), Mixing

Attention Deficit is another progressive supergroup that records for the Magna Carta label (i.e., Liquid Tension Experiment, Explorers Club, etc.). Comprised of new age bassist Michael Manring, ex-Primus drummer Tim Alexander, and ex-Testament guitarist (and one-time student of Joe Satriani) Alex Skolnick, Attention Deficit is more about atmospheric songwriting than technical shredding. For those who have lost track of Skolnick since his days with thrash metallists Testament, his playing with Attention Deficit is more akin to King Crimson's Fripp and Belew than Metallica's Hetfield and Hammett. He is also quite an accomplished acoustic guitar player -- most of the rhythm guitar tracks on Attention Deficit are acoustic-based. Highlights include the bouncy "Scapula," the vast sound of album opener "ATM," and the hard rocker "Febrile." Although the combination of these three instrumentalists may sound peculiar on paper, they somehow make it all work extremely well.

The joy of it all is to watch creativity take flight, to hear what three instruments and three distinct musical histories can conjure, and understanding the rich resumés of our three noisemakers goes a long way toward deciphering the fresh kill that is Attention Deficit. Mad axeman Alex Skolnick seems to have two defined pasts. After experiencing the revelation that was KISS in the late '70s, Alex dove fervently into that heady mix of thrash and power metal that became the Bay Area sound. Through five records and countless tours with Testament, Skolnick's bruising riffery an rust-proofed solos defined major label extreme metal for years. During his departure, which included stints with Savatage and a solo configuration, Skolnick found new life as a noted follower of jazz and fusion. The elevated hybrid that became his new sound put Alex in the position of regular columnist for the likes of Guitar, Guitar Player and Guitar World. Clinics ensued, as did gigs with Stu Hamm and future Attention Deficit partner in crime, Michael Manring, who nicked Skolnick for his solo record Crimsonly entitled Thonk.

Mad bassist Michael Manring comes from a whole different school of thought, having cut his teeth as the ultimate session man, a bass god for the similarly chops-endowed. Having studied at Boston's venerable Berklee School Of Music, and with bass monster Jaco Pastorius, Manring moved forward to perform on all but one of the late Michael Hedges' seven solo records. His next stint was as house bassist for Windham Hill Records, spawning numerous solo projects and yet more session work; his appearances on other people's projects number well over one hundred. Gold records, Grammies, Bammies, Bass Player's Bassist Of The Year in 1994.... Manring is without a doubt one of his instrument's elite.

Mad percussion fiend Tim Alexander represents yet another discipline stream, having thrilled and chilled as the man pounding out Primus, alternative rock's most chops-insane ambassadors. Alexander's recorded legacy is highly appreciated, his geometric rhythms being a regular topic of discussion amongst drum magazines, possibly his greatest acclaim being named as one of the "most influential drummers of all-time" by Drum magazine. Having spent eight years driving Primus, Alexander is now lead vocalist/drummer for San Francisco act Laundry and, like Alex Skolnick, had linked up with Michael Manring for the bassist's solo record, Thonk, thereby completing the trinity that is now playfully but tellingly deemed Attention Deficit.

The bottom line is this: three true artisans have gotten together for a bit of high science, even if the jump-off point is built of raw intuition. What they've come up with offers immediate and powerful gratification to students of instrumental performance, and not so quick, but ultimately similar gratification to those who just love visceral, challenging music. We strongly suggest you pay attention. The rewards are real.

mp3 - 320kbps
rar - 116mb

MJ Harris/ Martyn Bates - Murder Ballads (Complete)

Former Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris traffics in the isolationist ambiance of Lull; Martyn Bates is the emotive voice of literate cult-pop duo Eyeless in Gaza. The unlikely pair--one given to terminally frigid drone, the other to impassioned, bittersweet voicings--finds common ground in folk music's most macabre tradition, the murder ballad. These ghoulish parables are awash in blood and tears, the strands of love, hate, birth, death, sin, and salvation entwined within like the roots of an ancient tree. Mothers callously kill their children, suitors slay their maidens without remorse, and fate exacts its cruel price from all. The three discs that make up THE MURDER BALLADS were originally released separately. Each album contains a set of four extended interpretations linked to a common theme. While such sinister songs as "The Cruel Mother," "Lucy Wan," and "The Bonny Hind" may be familiar to followers of traditional and revisionist folk, Harris and Bates' brilliant approach extracts every last drop of dread from the time-worn words. Harris' bleak backdrops slither, knell, and resonate while Bates sings in a mournful melodic whisper. On the third album, INCEST SONGS, Bates' vocals are subtly multi-tracked, sounding like the lament of a congregation of despairing angels.

* large files but totally worth you time if you're into ambient/ soundscapes!!! :)

Murder Ballads (Drift)
mp3 - 360kbps
rar - 119mb

Murder Ballads (Passages)
mp3 - 320kbps
rar - 57mb

Murder Ballads (Incest Songs)
mp3 - 320 kbps

rar - 107mb

* Thanks to a very kind visitor, we now have the missing bonus track: Thanks Eric!!!
The Bloody Gardener was featured on an Italian compliation that was in an issue of a magazine called Music for the Empty Quarter.
mp3 - 320kbps

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Underground Japanese Music

This is just a small comp. of underground japanese music I found via wfmu.
Will appeal to avante-garde/ industrial/ noise fans.

Tracks included:
Dope Coara - Live @ Loop-Line Bar - 10-09-03 (28mins)

Milky Chu - various tracks

Ogat - Pac/ Saru

Ove Naxx - unknown track

Unura Menura - Sad Freaks cdr

most of them found here:


mp3 - various kbps

rar - 33mb

* Anyone actually has any Milky Chu or Dope Coara albums, I would love to hear about them! :)


I'm still taking them from this list.
Limit to 2-3 items per request please.
If I fulfilled your request already feel free to make another.

Or I'll just start grabbing stuff randomly, which could get interesting. :)

Cobra Strike - 13th Scroll (1999)

Cobra Strike: Buckethead (guitar, bass); Pinchface (drums); Brain, DJ Disk (loops); Bill Laswell. Recorded at Moseleum Tunnel, Chatsworth, California.


mp3 - 192kbps

rar - 73mb

1000 Homo Dj's - Supernaut (1990)

1000 Homo DJs was a Ministry side-project with Jello Biafra and Trent Reznor. According to legend, the name was suggested by Wax Trax! Records co-founder Jim Nash. Addressing Al Jourgensen's concern over a remix, Nash reassured him that only a thousand homo DJs would hear it. The name stuck. The first single, Apathy (1988), contains "Apathy" and "Better Ways", both originally intended for Ministry's The Land of Rape and Honey, but rejected as out of place.

The second single, Supernaut (1990), contains "Supernaut" (a Black Sabbath cover) and "Hey Asshole", both intentional 1000 Homo DJs tracks. The cover art closely resembles Black Sabbath's Master of Reality. The CD release of Supernaut combines the two singles.
"Supernaut" could not be released with Trent Reznor's vocals, due to legal problems with Reznor's label TVT Records. The story goes that Al distorted the vocals and claimed them as his own, though he himself has signalled that they are actually his own vocals. Years later, the original version was released on the Wax Trax! Black Box compilation.


mp3 - 128kbps

rar - 22mb

Slayer - Hell Awaits (1985)

When it was released in 1985, Slayer's second full album,
Hell Awaits, seemed to many a nearly impenetrable cacophony of sound. However, it proved to be incredibly ahead of its time instead, and has since been confirmed as a mandatory item in the band's remarkable discography. Why? Well, despite its many memorable tunes, the songwriting on Slayer's 1983 debut, Show No Mercy, was firmly entrenched in blues-based punk/metal, and it wasn't until the following year's more excessive Haunting the Chapel EP that the band began adding the unusual arrangements, varying tempos, and dissonant nuances that paved the way to a wholly distinctive sound all their own. These experiments (rooted in the at once ingenious and ingenuous innovations of Venom's early work) were fleshed out even further on Hell Awaits.


mp3 - 128kbps

rar - 25mb

Boredoms - Rebore 1, 2, & 3

The Rebore remix CDs are freeform DJ mixes pulling from the Boredoms' massive back catalog. UNKLE's "Dysfunctional Monster Jam," 46 minutes of thumping Bore-hop frenzy, is an enjoyable, hysterical ride and probably the most accessible thing that will ever emerge from their camp. Ken Ishii's 50-minute long "Unidentified Freaked-Up Outsteppers" is essential if you're a Borehead, but an overdose if not. DJ Krush is expected to deliver the third volume shortly. All three remix CDs are limited in quantity and prohibitively expensive: Perhaps someday technological innovations like the Internet will enable a forum where collector-oriented music like this will be made available to curious fans worldwide.

Rebore Volume 1

mp3 - 160kbps - rar - 52mb

Rebore Volume 2

mp3 - 128 kbps - rar - 45mb

Rebore Volume 3

mp3 - 160 kbps - rar - 51mb

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John Oswald's "Mystery Tapes"

John Oswald's "Mystery Tapes"
An early collection (c. 1980) of unnamed audio samples and snippets.
According to Oswald:
"All known Xperience is potentially confounded by MYSTERY TAPES, little boxes of
sonifericity specifically formulated for the curious listener. Available in your choice
of aural flavors: subliminal, blasted, excerpted, repeatpeateatattttttedly, these
cinemaphonically-concocted aggregates of trés different but exquisitely manifest,
unprecedentedly varied festerings of audio quality fine magnetic cassette tapes are the
best of whatever you've been listening for."
Click here for detailed info on The Mystery Tapes

mp3 - 128 kbps
rar - 119 mb

The Carl Stalling Project: Vol. 1 (1990)

The Carl Stalling Project: Music from Warner Bros. Cartoons 1936-1958

The first volume in The Carl Stalling Project series is a revelation; more than just an essential part of a Warner Bros. staff that generated some of the finest and most inspired productions in the history of animation, Stalling was a visionary whose work deserves consideration among the finest American avant-garde music ever recorded. As these 15 selections from WB cartoons dating between 1936 and 1958 attest, his cut and paste style -- a singular collision between jazz, classical, pop, and virtually everything else in between -- was unprecedented in its utter disregard for notions of time, rhythm, and compositional development; Stalling didn't just break the rules, he made them irrelevant. That in the process he created music beloved by succeeding generations of children is more impressive still -- perhaps even unwittingly, Stalling introduced the avant-garde into the mainstream, and as popular music continues to diversify and hybridize, his stature as a pioneer rightfully continues to grow.

mp3 - 160kbps
rar - 86mb

Boards of Canada (x2)

edit: fixed link for Hi-Scores.

Boards of Canada - Hi Scores (1996)

Like Autechre and Bochum Welt, Boards of Canada draw heavily from both new wave and electro in appreciable measures that, when recombined in the context of the group's tugging beats and simple-but-effective songwriting, end up sounding like way more than either. Hi Scores is a near-perfect six-tracker of gorgeous, building ambient electro and loping downtempo electronic breakbeat tracks that are as pleasing to the ears as they are head-bucking funky.

mp3 - 320 kbps
rar - 70 mb

Boards of Canada - Trans Canada Highway (2006)
A mini-concept LP, Trans Canada Highway follows the Scottish brothers (who spent time in Canada) as they trek from St. John's, Newfoundland, to Victoria, B.C., in under a half-hour. Beginning with the only old track, "Dayvan Cowboy" (a highlight of 2005's The Campfire Headphase), Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin sound just a little refreshed at the thought of producing a low-impact EP instead of an eagerly awaited LP. After the slowly shifting single gets out of the way, Sandison and Eoin start looking back to Geogaddi territory, reprising ghostly effects and skeletal melodies with quarter-speed hip-hop beats to create a work that would barely take you 45 miles along the highway but, put on repeat mode, wouldn't even sound tired by Montreal. The sixth track is a remix of "Dayvan Cowboy" by Anticon associate Odd Nosdam, who shows his allegiance with his own mostly beatless soundscapes, which warp and flow with the best of BoC.

mp3 - 256 kbps
rar - 44 mb

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Bill Laswell & Tetsu Inoue - Cymatic Scan (1995)

Bill Laswell & Tetsu Inoue - Cymatic Scan (1995)
Though the latest issue of the disc is broken down into six untitled tracks, Cymatic Scan might as well be considered one piece of music. Indeed, on the original release the music was clumped together as one composition titled "Monochrome Existence." The music is deeply abstract and almost purely ambient. A beautiful and ghostly drone whispers throughout, topped occasionally with low-frequency rumbles (presumably from Laswell) and gently repeating synth figures (presumably from Inoue). With the exception of a few bursts of (mild) controlled feedback (which seem a bit out of place), the music is a warm, chalky tapestry. Like much ambient music, it appears to be almost unvarying throughout, though a deep listen -- preferably on headphones -- reveals a deeply lush sonic picture. Melodies and rhythms rise and flutter by...or are they just stray cancellations from the last wave of sound? Either way, in the proper listening environment, Cymatic Scan is a rich record with many wonderful aural rewards.


* these are older files that were saved as wma at 128kbps. Sorry 'bout that.

wma - 128 kbps
rar - 55 mb

Skinny Puppy (x2)

By request: (Reviews from

Skinny Puppy - Cleanse Fold & Manipulate (1987)
In the scheme of all things Skinny Puppy, Cleanse, Fold and Manipulate can be rather hard to recommend. Though it contains one of the band's finest songs, "Deep Down Trauma Hounds," Cleanse ultimately feels like a turning point, where experimentation is just beginning to gel with innovation and the band's trademark sound is forming rapidly before one's ears. But much of the album comes across like a series of interludes or ambient instrumental fragments. Still, fans of industrial music will appreciate the album's formidable beats and coarse sound samples that seem to be generated from warping the sounds of heavy machinery.


mp3 - 128 kbps
rar -40 mb

Skinny Puppy - VIVIsectVI (1988)
Even when the industrial revolution happened, few North American bands sounded as manic and dense as the mighty Skinny Puppy. Tackling unpopular political topics, blurring distorted vocals into synth lines, sampling news broadcasts and horror films -- these were the tactics that Skinny Puppy utilized on VIVIsectVI, one of their true masterpieces. It takes multiple listens to the album to even get to the songs underneath, but once the sonic wall has been punctured it is easy to hear why Ogre is so volatile. His rants, which alternate between a lazy drug moan and a harsh screech, were one of the few in the genre that actually sounded poetic amongst the noise and beats.

mp3 - 192 kbps
rar - 79 mb

Request? Master-List.

Now taking "limited" requests from this list:

"Limited" = please don't send me a huge list of everything you want. Keep it down to 1-2 items per request. Thanks. :)

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Fantomas - Live In Toronto 04-15-2005

Fantomas - Live In Toronto, Ontario, Canada
July, 15 2005 @ The Phoenix Theatre

Download here

MP3 - 128 kbps
rar - 130 mb

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Buckethead & Friends - Enter The Chicken (2005)

Produced by Serj Tankian of System Of The Down, "Enter The Chicken" the latest and greatest musical attraction at Bucketheadland is set to take riders aboard beginning October 25, 2005.

Also on board are the vocal performances from many of today's brightest musical talents including Saul Williams, Efrem Schulz, Maura Davis, Azam Ali and Serj Tankian himself. Those artists as well as the others that are featured on the album were hand picked by Tankian and Buckethead to ensure that each song takes the listener on a unique musical voyage. The 11 track adventure is filled with sonic twists and tunrs that will leave listener's ears delighted and their mouths overflowing with enthusiastic comments.

Download here


mp3 - 160 kbps
rar - 51 mb


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Deli Creeps - Dawn Of The Deli Creeps (2005)


Deli Creeps currently consists of Maximum Bob on vocals, Buckethead on guitar, Daniel Monti on bass, and Pinchface on drums. The Deli Creeps formed in the late 1980's / early 1990's in Southern California, USA, but shortly after moved to San Francisco. In 1991 The Deli Creeps released their first demo tape, after releasing the demo tape they gained a strong loyal following before splitting up. The band had reformed in 1996 where they had released a second demo tape. But shortly afterwards they had all moved on once again before reforming for the third time.

Their first feature length LP was released in late 2005 titled, Dawn of the Deli Creeps. The album features the song Random Killing, which has many different versions to it (all featuring different lyrics), One version is on the Buckethead album Giant Robot, called "I Come In Peace", another is the Cornbugs song "The Power And The Gory" on the album Spot The Psycho. Also featured on the album is a song they had recorded for the film Flesh For The Beast which goes by the same title. Maximum Bob also features guest vocals on the Buckethead album Enter The Chicken.

Mike Patton has also been quoted to say: "They're so good they piss me off".

Download here

mp3 - 190 kbps
rar - 83 mb



Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Buckethead & Travis Dickerson - Condensed Chicken Noodles (2006)

A different side of Buckethead:

Inspired by the track "Cruel Reality Of Nature" off 'Population Override', Buckethead and Travis Dickerson utilize only
the Telecaster and Fender Rhoades combo for these 4 very stipped down and very mellow tracks.

Download here

mp3 - 160 kbps
rar - 58 mbs