Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mick Harris & Eraldo Bernocchi - Total Station (1998)

Total Station may be the most accessible Mick Harris album ever, although anyone even remotely familiar with the Scorn mastermind's prolific output would have a hearty chuckle at such a relative statement. Here, the former Napalm Death drummer and Eraldo Bernocchi craft funkier-than-usual soundscapes bearing a distinct hip-hop influence, with Harris mixing live and programmed beats with creepy synth lines RZA would be proud of, as the guitarist does his best Buckethead impression over the top. It's nowhere near mainstream enough to garner airplay, but if you're a paranoid homesick alien, Total Station may have the cure for what ails ya.

mp3 - 320kbps
rar - 92mb

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