Sunday, April 29, 2007

Negativland - Fair Use: Dead Dog Records (1995)

* This cd came w/ The Negativland book, Fair Use. I don't think you can buy it separately. Prolly my fave Neg recording also. You MUST have this one!!! :)

"Dead Dog Records" (Parts 1-9) was recorded and mixed by Negativland in the Summer and Fall of 1994. Track 10 of this CD was first released in 1992 as part of the original magazine/CD package "The Letter U and The Numeral 2". It was the only track on that CD.

wma - 128kbps
rar - 65mb

* again older files...guess what, wma. Sorry, but worth hearing if you never have. :)


Richard said...

A new discovery for me - thanks for helping me make it. :-)


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תודה רבה