Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bill Laswell & Tetsu Inoue - Cymatic Scan (1995)

Bill Laswell & Tetsu Inoue - Cymatic Scan (1995)
Though the latest issue of the disc is broken down into six untitled tracks, Cymatic Scan might as well be considered one piece of music. Indeed, on the original release the music was clumped together as one composition titled "Monochrome Existence." The music is deeply abstract and almost purely ambient. A beautiful and ghostly drone whispers throughout, topped occasionally with low-frequency rumbles (presumably from Laswell) and gently repeating synth figures (presumably from Inoue). With the exception of a few bursts of (mild) controlled feedback (which seem a bit out of place), the music is a warm, chalky tapestry. Like much ambient music, it appears to be almost unvarying throughout, though a deep listen -- preferably on headphones -- reveals a deeply lush sonic picture. Melodies and rhythms rise and flutter by...or are they just stray cancellations from the last wave of sound? Either way, in the proper listening environment, Cymatic Scan is a rich record with many wonderful aural rewards.


* these are older files that were saved as wma at 128kbps. Sorry 'bout that.

wma - 128 kbps
rar - 55 mb


vagabond kiwi said...

thx, when I start putting music on my computer it was at "near cd quality" of wma 64kbps- well mainly listened to my cd player and hard drive space more expensive- well its now flac & ogg .

LT said...

Regardless, thank you. Inoue is premiere. Gracias.