Sunday, April 29, 2007

Don Joyce - Morte Aux Vaches (1989)

* updated link to 192kbps mp3 file...Thanks Rich!!! :)

* Fans of Negativland/ John Oswald...don't miss this one!!!

Don Joyce is one of the founding members of Negativland. This recording was commisioned by VPRO's 'De Avonden'. Way too long in the works, but here it finally is!
Don Joyce has been a member of Negativland since 1982 after working in painting since 1967. To date he is the producer of the Negativland weekly three hour show 'Over The Edge' (of which several were released as a compact disc). Joyce's prime interest is in the need to revise copyright law so that artists can re-use, recombine, and otherwise incorporate existing cultural artifacts into their work free of charge and free of charges.

"We'll Be Right Back' was inspired by watching months and months of TV reports on the troubles in Bosnia, including mass executions, mass rapes, concentration camps and the same old fascist deceits and ethnic genocide familiar in World War 2. These reports were constantly interrupted by commercials and so was World War 2.
Recorded in 1994, and uses only source material for this recording originated during World War 2. Only effects have been added.

mp3 - 192kbps
rar - 45mb


Cosmo Vitelli said...

Dang, I'm a huge Negativland fan and didn't even know this existed. Thanks!

Lucky said...

H. - many thanks for providing this one! the ltd edition mav-sessions are not really easy to come by - much appreciated.

the kill ugly radio blog recently posted a bunch of negativland stuff - including a VERY RECENT live recording made just last months... although he's on a hiatus, this blog is worth checking out.


H. said...

Thanks for the heads up! I found them. :)

rich said...

I'm not on Hiatus, Lucky!
I had my hiatus removed years ago. I'm just busy. Cool blog you got here! I also have Mort Aux Vache as a MP3. I will reup it and post it in your comments shortly.

H. said...

Sweet! I was just browsing Kill Ugly Radio, I linked you up also. Perhaps you'd do the same?

Hey Lucky: any of your blogs still around? I know of at least 2 you used to own. :)

hoax12 said...

now - first of all: nice to see you here, char.., ahm, RICH! i just noticed that you took a break, and because i like the sound of the word 'hiatus', i took the chance and used it here (although i just looked it up in the dictionary, to be sure not to insulted you...;).

h. - there are 3 of my old blogs still on the web, though i doubt, that there are any more links at squeezo.blogspot any more... the other ones are orangaural.blogspot and cineville (mr-lucky.blogspot). that's all.

Lucky / hoax12

rich(ard)man said...

No, Lucky. I'm just messing with you.
there's a similarly named section of the lower esophageal area that can become herniated.
It's gratifying to see all the new blogs even if it does mean we're slowing in our output ourselves.

rich said...

Here's the Joyce track as a 192kbps MP3:

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