Friday, April 27, 2007

Slayer - Hell Awaits (1985)

When it was released in 1985, Slayer's second full album,
Hell Awaits, seemed to many a nearly impenetrable cacophony of sound. However, it proved to be incredibly ahead of its time instead, and has since been confirmed as a mandatory item in the band's remarkable discography. Why? Well, despite its many memorable tunes, the songwriting on Slayer's 1983 debut, Show No Mercy, was firmly entrenched in blues-based punk/metal, and it wasn't until the following year's more excessive Haunting the Chapel EP that the band began adding the unusual arrangements, varying tempos, and dissonant nuances that paved the way to a wholly distinctive sound all their own. These experiments (rooted in the at once ingenious and ingenuous innovations of Venom's early work) were fleshed out even further on Hell Awaits.


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Anonymous said...

you rock, thanks!

DominusTenebrae3 said...

Well I didnt download, I actually own the album on CD and Vinyl...but I did want to read your review. It's nice to see someone attributing Hell Awaits to the Black Metal that spawned it

greg higgins said...

Hell Awaits and The Ultra violence?
You are sharing some treasures there for sure, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. Don't worry, I have two copies on record, and cassette! The greatest metal band of all time in my opinion!!

Anonymous said...

i saw them live in 85! nearbye frankfurt am was great! never forget...kings of metal!
support was destruction..