Monday, April 30, 2007

Residents - Commercial Album (2004 Re-Release)

The Residents originally envisioned The Commercial Album, as a reinvention of the Top Forty format. With this concept the group attempted to revolutionise the way popular music was heard. The concept behind the material is explained in these 5 points:
Point one: Pop music is mostly a repetition of two types of musical and lyrical phrases, the verse and the chorus.

Point two: These elements usually repeat three times in a three minute pop song

Point three: Eliminate the excess and a pop song is only one minute long.

Point four: One minute is also the length of most commercials, and therefore their corresponding jingles.

Point five: Jingles are the folk music of America.


mp3 - 128 kbps
rar - 37mb


Lucky said...

a true classic - and back in it's original format (meaning = the 40 tracks only).

well, i don't know why ralph/euro ralph doesn't want the many extra tracks from the older cd-releases on theirs...

neverhteless - wonderful! although 128 is a bit cheap for rez, but at least one doesn't have to wait so long with 37mb... ;) (don't get me wrong - i'm not complaining)

Brad said...

What a great disc. Thanks again!

H. said...

Older files Lucky. Before I had a dvd-burner. was trying to save space w/ low bit-rates and even wma sometimes...

Lost more to come, I know a collector that has almost the entire discog. Just a matter of time. :)

karatte said...

Thanx a lot! Great music.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! When you have limits on your internet traffic, 128kbps is a-ok! Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Great album. In my opinion, they never made an album this fun in YEARS!


jorZ lopZ treegoo said...

another great Residents album - really loved this one, it's really "commercial"! :)
thanx h.! ("long time, no show" - hope all is well with you.)
p.s.: i have a version of "Medicine Man" (in MARDI GRAS.BB's zen rodeo) - i can send it to you...
as another, of "Sinister Exaggerator" (in PRIMUS's Miscellaneous Debris).