Sunday, April 29, 2007

John Oswald - Plexure (1993)

* this one is should have it in your collection! :)

Published by Disk Union Japan (on CD only), it should be in stores but is often hard to find or expensive. Plundered are over a thousand pop stars from the past 10 years. Rather than crediting each individual artist or group as he did in the original plunderphonic release, Oswald chose instead to reference morphed artists of his own creation (Bonnie Ratt, etc) It starts with rapmillisylables and progresses through the material according to tempo (which has an interesting relationship with genre).
Oswald used several mechanisms to generate the plunderphonemes that make up this encyclopaedic popologue. This is the most formidable of the plunderphonics projects to date.

mp3 - 128kbps
rar - 18mb

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Lucky said...

this is a classic - you could have saved you some time when you visited the mendedrecords.blogspot: this one is still there!

bought that cd in the 90s as japan-import, this was the first intro for me into the whirled music of mr. oswald. i requested some of oswald's from you, cause i thought, you're having more of his mystery tapes - more than the provides. maybe you have, and if, i'll applaude you whenever i can.

salute, amigo