Thursday, April 26, 2007

John Oswald's "Mystery Tapes"

John Oswald's "Mystery Tapes"
An early collection (c. 1980) of unnamed audio samples and snippets.
According to Oswald:
"All known Xperience is potentially confounded by MYSTERY TAPES, little boxes of
sonifericity specifically formulated for the curious listener. Available in your choice
of aural flavors: subliminal, blasted, excerpted, repeatpeateatattttttedly, these
cinemaphonically-concocted aggregates of trés different but exquisitely manifest,
unprecedentedly varied festerings of audio quality fine magnetic cassette tapes are the
best of whatever you've been listening for."
Click here for detailed info on The Mystery Tapes

mp3 - 128 kbps
rar - 119 mb


Lucky said...

now now now!!! i just found you via google and thought - hey, someone put up mick harris + eraldo bernocchi, GREAT! but scrolling a bit down, what do I see??????

I don't get weak in telling everyone (also the ones who do not wants to hear it!), that these mystery tapes are the REAL SHIT! and maybe you already discovered the, where you can download a whole bunch of em... but if not (and you like it!!), don't hesitate ....

the site isn't updated for quite a while now, but - you will see.

My Gosh - you got some REALLY wonderful shares here, all that Harris, Laswell, the STALLING PROJECT!!!!, and what do I see at your sidebar??? BUCKETHEAD. Now, I hope you don't feel like - what is this freak going to tell me... I'm just overwhelmed about the sheer presence of such wonderful music, that is!

Carnival on, H.! Much appreciated,

Brad said...

Thanks for this treat!

Belinda said...

Well said.