Saturday, January 26, 2008


Ipecac Recordings

'Athlantis' is something like an oratorio, with the incredible singers Mike Patton and Jessika Kenney on the main parts. Inspired by Renaissance era literature and philosophy, 'Athlantis' was a chance for Eyvind Kang to interact with one of his favourites Giordano Bruno and his book 'Cantus Circaeus'. He studied and set the text, combining obscure poems from Bishop Marbode of Rennes, and some lines from the Hungarian epic 'Planctus Destructionis', he did the ground work and created the musical space. All of the singers, choir and soloists, came in and inhabited it and made it their own.


mp3 - 192kbps
rar - 57mb


Anonymous said...

very pretty, very cool. a really interesting arrangement for kang; thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Tanks for all the good work.
Here is something for you.
Buck Jam Tonic (2CD - only Japan release).
- John Zorn
- Bill Laswell
- Tatsuya Nakamura

Bir_tual...! said...

oh thank you thank you thank you
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Graverubber said...

wow. this is amazing. so glad i found your blog. now i've got to get more.


Phil said...

Alas, the link is now dead. Any chance of a re-up? I saw Eyvind Kang recently with Laurie Anderson and a few years back with Bill Frisell - I have boots of the concerts here

He also did some of the arrangements on Sunn O)))'s Monoliths & Dimensions (they are on my blog too) so would be very interested to hear more of him.