Thursday, June 07, 2007

John Zorn - Magick (2004)

* this one is pure evil! you will love it!

Released Oct 2004
cd time - 30:08

Further explorations into the worlds of Magick and Alchemy, here featuring the long awaited premiere recording of Zorn's new string quartet. Necronomicon is a transcendent five movement work of unparalleled ensemble virtuosity and formal beauty, brilliantly played by the Crowley Quartet. Also included is an astounding piece of witchcraft and sorcery for two bass clarinets, one of the most difficult yet written for the instrument, performed with passion and precision by two of the greatest players in the world.


Tim Smith: Bass Clarinet

Mike Lowenstern: Bass Clarinet

Crowley Quartet

Jennifer Choi: Violin

Fred Sherry: Cello

Jesse Mills: Violin

Richard O'Neill: Viola

mp3 - 320kbps
rar - 59mb


wassonii said...

Thank you. It's an absolute pleasure to hear the many voices of Zorn!

jorz said...

Hey H.!
...I didn't hear it in the best conditions (during work, with headphones nonetheless) but it is a frightening listen, and a very interesting one (except for the last track)...
Thanx a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Any chance for a recording of his cobra? Magick, by the way, is probably my favorite Zorn. Thanks a ton.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to check this one out, thanks :)

kolli said...

Very nice!!!Thank you!