Friday, June 01, 2007

Sonic Youth - Goo Remastered Deluxe Edition (2005)

Sonic Youth's Goo, a landmark album in the history of alternative rock, receives the Deluxe Edition treatment with digital remastering and the addition of rarities and unreleased recordings. The two-CD Goo - Deluxe Edition, expands the original 1990 album with outtakes, b-sides, rehearsal recordings, demos and the audio from a tongue-in-cheek promotion-only interview flexi disc. Sonic Youth's eighth album, Goo was the band's first to receive major label distribution, and first to find a place on Billboard's Top 100 Albums chart. Goo reached more ears than any earlier SY album, including those of Neil Young...who invited the band on tour with Crazy Horse. The demos were widely bootlegged before the band issued them via their fan club. They are heard remixed and remastered for the first time on Goo - Deluxe Edition.

* Anyone happen to have The Remastered Edition of Dirty?

Disc 1

mp3 - 192kbps

rar - 91mb

Disc 2

mp3 - 192kbps

rar - 99mb


Anonymous said...

God, that was quick, H.:-) Thanks for up-ing (or should that be uping or upping?)Pavement, Sonic Youth and Twilight Singers. My weekend's listening selections are now set.
God Machine was another interesting chice I haven't heard in a long time.

H. said...

np Anon! Some excellent choices you picked! btw - both GodMachine releases still available here:


H. said...

hey VoodooGuru, you should email me at

Do you have a blog/ website?
Just curious. :)

H. said...

Sorry forgot to add direct links:
disc 1

disc 2

Lily Parmenter said...

Thank you! I found this place through Google. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, been looking for this. You have great taste!
Will see what else you have...

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thanks, sir.

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Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, awesome selection!!!

Anonymous said...

cheers big ears

cait said...

thank you! I lost my cd down the back of a press, I can't live without a birra Goo!

Anonymous said...

my friend goo has a real tatoo

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thanks for the great album!

Amok said...

Thanks kindly, peace be!

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