Thursday, May 31, 2007

Celtic Frost - Monotheist (2006)

Celtic Frost's much anticipated 2006 comeback album, Monotheist, is everything you'd expect from the band who managed to attach the term avant-garde to ugly ol' heavy metal. It's unconventional, unpredictable, challenging to a fault, head-scratchingly weird at times, frequently brilliant, and anything but perfect.
A simplified stylistic description would have it pegged as some sort of modern gothic doom album, but simple descriptions have never really fit the bill with Celtic Frost -- whether relating to their greatest triumphs, To Mega Therion and Into the Pandemonium, or abject disasters, like the infamous Cold Lake. The inherently complex Monotheist is no different...
Celtic Frost's return should satisfy even the biggest cynics with the scope of its imagination and sheer audacity. Those qualities, as much as great music, have always represented the cornerstone of Frost's unique body of work, and Monotheist -- unrealistic listener expectations or not -- is a more than worthy addition to it.
Japanese Bonus Tracks (2) included!

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Nick said...

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now I come home to find you've posted the Celtic Frost album you said

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Realy nice album. thanks a lot

Velkaarn said...

I needed the bonus tracks, so thanks!