Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Over The Edge Vol. 2 : Pastor Dick: Muriel's Purse Fund (1996)

Pastor Dick: Muriel's Purse Fund was the second volume in the Over the Edge series, which distilled Negativland's live performances on the radio program Over the Edge on KPFA. This album was edited together from several different broadcasts recorded between 1982 and 1986.
Originally released in 1989 by SST Records on cassette only, it was re-released in 1996 by Negativland's own label, Seeland Records, as a CD with a new edit to make room for additional recorded material, a tract-like booklet titled Pastor Dick's Flagship Faith Vol. 17 #1, and an offering envelope.

Length 73:03
- This is the re-issued cd version. :)

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