Saturday, May 19, 2007

Daisy Chainsaw EP's

As promised here's the rest of my Daisy Chainsaw stuff w/ Katie Jane Garside.
All 3 ep's included in one rar file. Enjoy!

Love Sick Pleasure - 1991

Hope Your Dreams Come True - 1992

Pink Flower - 1992

mp3 - 160kbps
rar - 36mb


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for all the Katie Jane Garside stuff. Quality niceness!
Have you heard her sister MapleBee?
Bought her CD off her Myspace site. Quite dark but very good. She was a Mediaeval Baebe for a while but got kicked out!
Thanks. Bobbins.

Awa Loizeaux Zag said...

Thanks for the Daisy Chainsaw eps (and some other stuff!)

I looked at your list, very nice.

I have a list too, if you want anything from it, let me know!


Highlander said...

Left me comment on the Queen Adreena post - thanks for these.

H. said...

Anon: I have heard it. Quite abit different from Katie's style, but I do like it.

Awa: I looked at your list, some really good stuff! I'll be in touch soon!!! :)

Highlander: more QA to come. Glad you like.

Thanks to all for the comments!
I appreciate it.

The Gosub Routine said...

did you get those polvo 1992 session tracks I sent to you?

H. said...

I did get them Gosub! Thank-you!!!
Thought I emailed you but may have forgotten. I should prolly post that right? Polvo got alot of hits which REALLY surprised me. Thanks again!

Keith said...

thanks, was hearing about them from the score alleys of Japan!

sasha said...

Hey, thanks for uploading the Daisy Chainsaw EPs! I've been looking for "Love Sick Pleasure" everywhere...

Just wondering, do you have their 1994 LP, "For They Know Not What They Do"? I know that Katie had left by then, but I'm curious to find out what they sounded like with a new singer...

Thanks again for the EPs!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Very Much, i'm searching for a long time for the EPs of Daisy Chainsaw, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks man i search a lot of time, for this EP's, Thank you Very much!

Anonymous said...

i love u!! thanks for these :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you :)