Thursday, May 03, 2007

John Zorn - Six Litanies for Heliogabalus (2007)

Tzadik 7631
John Zorn: Alto Sax, Composer
Joey Baron: Drums
Trevor Dunn: Bass
Ikue Mori: Electronics
Mike Patton: Voice
Jamie Saft: Organ
Martha Cluver: Voice
Abby Fischer: Voice
Kirsten Soller: Voice

1. Litany I
2. Litany II
3. Litany III
4. Litany IV
5. Litany V
6. Litany VI
Dedicated to Antonin Artaud, Edgard Var├ęse, and Aleister Crowley.
"The infamous Moonchild/AstronomeTrio of Patton, Dunn and Baron returns to the studio this time aided by the searing organ of Jamie Saft, the complex electronics of Ikue Mori and a small female chorus to realize Zorn’s latest project Six Litanies for Heliogabalus. Inspired by the decadent excesses of the Roman emperor/child-god who made Caligula and Nero look like reasonable human beings - smothering his dinner guests to death in a rain of perfumed rose petals - these six compositions (including an outrageous new piece for solo voice) explode with color, imagery and intensity. A startling blend of Metal, Contemporary Classical, Jazz and Mediaeval Music, this is one of Zorn's most extreme and original creations."
The wildly dynamic SIX LITANIES TO HELIOGABALUS finds avant-garde composer/saxophonist John Zorn calling upon the fierce trio of vocalist Mike Patton, bassist Trevor Dunn, and drummer Joey Baron, who were featured on 2006's MOONCHILD and ASTRONOME, for a set of restless tracks inspired by the notorious Roman emperor of the title, also known as Elagabalus. Bolstering the already-potent sound of the group are a female choir, organ player Jamie Saft, electronics expert Ikue Mori, and Zorn himself, resulting in an alternately beautiful and frightening album.
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LT said...

I have been looking for some edition of this set since they played at the Barbican last year. No, I didn't see the set, but have a copy of the tribute to Derek Bailey and now this. Thank you VERY much!

Anonymous said...

so sorry i missed this recording. any chance at a re-up please???

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re-up, please?
Is possible?

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new link:

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oh thanks a million x million. can not wait to hear this one

Brad said...

Danka! Looking forward to checking this out.

Sydelic said...

Thanks a lot for this. John Zorn is a genious.

diapaman said...

big fan! thanx