Friday, May 11, 2007

The Residents - Freakshow: Special Edition (2003)

Born out of a vague and uncomfortable childhood memory of a mule faced lady at the Lousiana State Fair, The Freak Show album, originally released in 1990, is the story of a collection of freaks, each with their own all-too human failings and each with a haunting theme song worming its way into the listener's brain.
Meet Harry The Head, Herman The Human Mole, Wanda The Worm Woman, Mickey The Mumbling Midget and Jello Jack The Boneless Boy. "Come in", say The Residents, "and make your mundane lives look like the kiss of bliss".

The first disc is the original Freak Show release but includes the "BlowOff" ep ,

plus a few introductions by Tex (scattered into the program), and the second disc is a bunch of previously unreleased tracks, with most of them from the Freak Show Live show in Prague. But there are a couple live tracks and remixes. Only 1000 made, hand numbered.

Disc One

mp3 - 256kbps

rar - 73mb

Disc Two

mp3 - 256kbps

rar - 83mb


metal guru said...

thank you, love the residents

Jorz said...

Thank you very much! I didn’t have any record by The Residents and I’m almost ecstasiating. It’s the only album I downloaded from your blog but I already have a bunch of others in a list. And I was happy to see the two albums by The God Machine (which I own, as some by John Zorn etc.)… Congratulations also on the information you post about the bands.
Thanks again, be cool,

Anonymous said...

Great upload,thanx a lot.

Izzy Poe said...

Hi. I actually just purchased the original Freakshow interactive cd-rom and was looking for an emulator to make it run properly on windows 7. I have extracted the videos but I wanted the walk-thru experience. This is just another step on the journey! :D (I know I'm going to eventually have to set up one of my old compys. I know, I know.)