Saturday, May 26, 2007


Now taking requests from this list
Limit to 2-3 items per request please.

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Grass Is Green said...

If they're at 192 or better (sorry), I'd be interested in the following:

- Codeine: Frigid Stars
- Residents: Not Available


rich said...

Do you happen to have Negativland/Over the Edge's Pastor Dick? I have most of the other OTEs, but haven't heard that one since my (SST issued) cassette disappeared eons ago.
Let me know if you want any of the others.

H. said...

Will prolly a full Codeine release.
Have to check the Residents one.

H. said...

edit: I had the vol. #'s wrong.

I'm missing Vol. 4 and only have the cassette version of 3 (Weatherman).
Would love to hear them eventually. You could post them at KUR as I visit there quite frequently. :)

H. said...

I do have Pastor Dick, will post it this week. ;)

rich said...

I too only have the Weatherman on cassette. I may rip it as I understand that the CD reissue features NO new material, nor is it broken into tracks other than sides 1 and 2.
Volume 4, I do have.
Funny - I just listened to bits of it the other day.
I shall have it up shortly.
Thanks again, H!

H. said...

Dunno if anyone ever comes back to check old comments but...

Grass is Green: All my Codeine is 160kb. Sorry, will prolly post them all anyways. I can do Not Available at 320 though. That's up next! :)

Rich: I got someone working on the 2cd OTE #3. Will let ya know.

Grass Is Green said...

Not Available would be great, thanks! I understand that asking for a high vibrate when you're taking requests for free (and from someone you don't even know) may seem a little rude, but I just wanted to upgrade my copy of that Codeine album. So, anyway, it's always nice checking out all these obscure releases in blogs like yours.

H. said...

np. thx for the reply. It lets me know that ppl actually check the comments at least! :)

Not rude at all. I wish I had them at a higher bitrate myself. Old files, old ways of doing things. Some of my older files are 128 wma if you can imagine.

I'll give you a little bonus w/ Not Available! :)

Anonymous said...

Saw your list and was totally overwhelmed ;-)
Hard to narrow down, but if you could do the following I'd be really impressed.
TWILIGHT SINGERS, THE – TWILIGHT (I assume this is the 1st one)
Thanks. Love ya blog, and your taste.
By the way, been trying to find WISEBLOOD's "Stumbo". Anyone have the 12" or album?

H. said...

Alright! About time someone mentioned PAVEMENT & SONIC YOUTH around here!!!

And yes, that is the first Twilight Singers album. You're up next! :)

XMP said...

this is a stretch, but if you got any 2nd Communication (Japan/kk records) - specifically the Brain That Binds Your Body EP... and any Helios Creed - that would be excellent!

2nd Comm:

H. said...

xmp: I'll look around for 2nd communication. Go here
and scroll down abit for Helious Creed. I noticed them there a few days ago. :)

btw - I actually visit both of your blogs regularly. Mind if I link them up on mine?

email me if you want.

XMP said...

please do! you are the 2nd person to refer me to awkwardist so i will have to check that out. Thanks again...

H. said...

VoodooGuru: got all three of your requests up. Enjoy.