Monday, May 07, 2007

Polvo Pt. 2

* Edit- updated links...

* Just missing "The Eclipse EP" (1995) to complete the

Exploded Drawing (1996)

Polvo's Exploded Drawing takes listeners on a sonic journey that encompasses nearly every kind of sound that a guitar has been known to make, and a few that might be unheard of until now. The group has worked on their intricat changeable sound since the early '90s, but on Exploded Drawing, it shows they've worked on their songwriting as well. The great majority of this hour-plus-long album is as listenable as it is inventive, particularly on the alternately shimmery and explosive "Bridesmaid Blues" and the angular "Feather of Forgiveness." "Light of the Moon" sounds like a twisted cowboy ballad, and "Missing Receipts" is an eerie, echoing instrumental that exemplifies Polvo's experimental guitar play. Polvo doesn't forget t
o include the punk, as "High-Wire Moves" and "Taste of Your Mind" testify, but blues, Eastern music, folk, country, and ambient music also find their way into Exploded Drawing, giving each song a twisting, unpredictable quality. Though the album's length can lose some listeners, if the mood is right for arty guitar music, then Polvo's Exploded Drawing is the right choice.
mp3 - 128kbps

rar - 54mb

Live WMBR 11-15-91
mp3 - 269kbps
rar - 72 mb

Peel Sessions (1993)
mp3 - 160kbps
rar - 15mb

Polvo EP (1996)
mp3 - 128kbps
rar - 22mb

Singles & B-Sides (2003)
mp3 - 128kbps
rar - 25mb


Anonymous said...

great stuff! i was just listening to exploded drawing and next to celebrate... i think it's their best stuff. your blog is great, and i couldn't help noticing your fnm collection; my copy of king for a day... is trashed and i miss it; could i request it? thanks and keep up the good work. btw, where did you get the tomahawk pre-release? i didn't dl but was curious.

H. said...

Never got to see Polvo live but they're still timeless imo.

np w/ FNM. Anything Patton related always gets my attention...

The Tomahawk is really good. Takes a few listens to sink in but I really like it.

I'm waiting for Mike to really open up and start singing again though. Hopefully the Italian Composers thing he's been talking about for years will finally be happening. Can't wait for that! :)

Anonymous said...

hi! I just starting to discover Polvo, (this is one of the bands I somehow missed in the past) but I've found that link to "exploded drawing" is dead. could I ask you for uploading it once again, please? and, please, can you use other service this time? mediafire maybe? downloading something from megashitload is really pain in the ass for me ;)

The Gosub Routine said...

thanks 4 the polvo mate!

One problem: the link 4 the 'polvo e.p.' from '96 (the 1 i've been after for 15 years!)is not working.

I don't suppose u could put it back up?



H. said...


Exploded Drawing

Polvo EP

Anonymous said...

thx :]

The Gosub Routine said...

Ahh. many thanks 'H'.

I do have a copy of the first polvo session for the john peel show (1 track missing, tho').

Would you like it?

H. said...

It's different than the 1993 one?
Never even knew about it, would love to hear it. You could post a link here or send to


Anonymous said...

still looking for "this eclipse"?


H. said...

wow...thanks so much! I've never even heard it.

I linked you up also, hope you don't mind :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I can help :] To be true I've found it some time ago here:
but the link was already dead when I checked this yesterday, so I did it once again... Anyway, thanks to original uploader :]

And thanks for linking, I've done the same. I've found a lot of great music on your blog already, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Polvo is my favourite band since I heard Today's Active Lifestyles in 1994.
I supplicate THE GOSUB ROUTINE to upload the Peel sessions, or any hard to find recordings from this genius band.

The Gosub Routine said...

will do Polvo 1st session (today, in a mo').

These are the details, taken fron the 'keeping it peel' website:

06/10/1992 - Polvo

* TX - 13/11/1992
* Producer - Miti Admikari
* Engineer - P.Long/Miti
* Studio - Maida Vale 4


* Cars
* Bubbling Volvic
* Tread On Me
* Snake Fist Fighter (Inst)


* Ashley Hideyo Bowie (Guitar, Vocals)
* David Thomas Brylawski (Guitar, Vocals)
* Edward Powe Watkins (Drums)
* Steven Barry Popson (Bass)

I don't have 'cars' tho' (damn! This is gonna be tuff. This will be a case of going on the 'net 'n' searching other people out that used to record his shows back then...i know they're out there...)

It's a tape rip, so i'll try 'n' e.q. the levels a bit5, warned)


Anonymous said...

THE GOSUB ROUTINE, you must be Santa Claus ! Actually, before bothering you, I found this link : but the downloading always stops after a few minutes.All I've managed to get is 50 seconds of the "cars" cover.Thanks for your fast answer!

The Gosub Routine said...

"H" (& everyone!),

I've just copied the 1st & 2nd Polvo John Peel session tracks from cassette today. later on I will edit them & e.q. them.

My tape copy of the 1993 session is quite a bit better than the one that you have up at the moment (a lot less tape hiss and the drums/hi-hats are clearer). The only problem is that I don't have 'Hit the nail' from my tape copy.

Also, the version of 'Double Scorpio' that I have is a few minutes longer.

See ya!


H. said...

Baz: Thanks for taking the time to encoding those. Can't wait to hear 'em.

Anon: I know that site/ service. Very rarely have I been able to get anything from them. Seems like the servers are always busy. Too bad cuz there's alot of great stuff hidden away there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! A much-missed group.

Awa Loizeaux Zag said...

THANKS for the Polvo's! I got to see them on their last tour, supporting "Shapes" here in D.C. It was awesome. Such a great band. Any have the "Libraness" CD? It's Ash Bowie's band after Polvo. Used to have it, sold it, never seen it again since.


jayf said...

mr.gosubroutine plz coul you upload polvo double scorpio longer version as soon as possible.i have the incomplete version

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Any chance of re-upping Shapes? I can't find it anywhere and would be extremely grateful.

Anonymous said...

the link appears to be broken again.
hope will be repost.
it is very hard to find exploded drawing.